There are a variety of ways in which to participate in The Unity Wall Project.


If you are a part of an existing group that would like to participate, contact me to arrange a session. Some examples of groups could be: school classes, after-school programs, local churchs, synagogues, mosques, book clubs, Scout clubs, garden clubs, businesses, etc.

I will also be doing some workshops in my studio for single participants and smaller groups. Please e-mail me if you would like to be contacted about future work shop dates.

Take a session at the adult school. See "progress" on the home page for details and a link to the Adult School website.

A group tile making sessions would be a unique way to celebrate a milestone or even as a memorial.

Our intention is to work with a diverse and broad spectrum of groups and individuals so that this project will truly reflect the community. Your involvement in bringing together such groups is a part of the collaboritive process and a vital component to the success of the project.


If you would like to volunteer your time and talents, please contact me. We are in need of grant writers, studio helpers, fundraisers, and community out-reach volunteers. I will also need help with the Montclair High School installation at the end of April. Any one with the tools to drill into existing concrete would save me having to rent them. High school students could put their time towards community service or senior option.


We can work with groups of at least ten, but not more than twenty, for each tile making workshop.

We can travel to an agreed upon location with my portable studio.

For groups of 10-12, we could arrange for you to come to my Montclair studio. For group sessions, there would need to be a contact person who would collect funds and communicate arrangement to the group.


The cost for each person to make a tile is $25. This covers materials, firing, installation, a small stipend for the facilitators, and for my time.



I am pursuing various avenues for funding and hope to be able to offer scholorships or reduced fees for those who need it. Please contact me to discuss financial needs. We hope that those individuals or businesses that are able, will support the project by making a contribution to allow us to offer this financial aid. If you are able to contribute funds, there are two ways in which to do this. You can make a tax- free donation through MFEE which will be used for programs in the schools. You may also make a direct donation through pay pal which is not tax deductable but can be put towards non-school related programs. Follow the contribution link that is through out this web site.